Group Activities

Let’s watch the short situation and try to analyse the it where collide intergenerational understanding and attitude.

  • (stop video at 1:00 minute) Can you describe this lady? How could you describe her?
  • (stop video at 2:00 minute) What do you think about that moment? How could you describe the young man?
  • (stop video at 3:00 minute) And what about that moment?
  • (watch till the end) And how is now?

So the same is with intergenerational training. This situation proves how important it is to understand, not to have prejudice. Also, that people are different and how to present information so that both of these people can understand it equally through digital technologies.

Let‘s set the persona we have in our organisations or what we imagine he/she will be:

  • Divide learners into groups: Group 1 and 2 will create a persona whose age range is 18-40 years and Group 3 and 4 will create a persona whose age range is 41-65.
  • Each group will create their persona, including their identity, age, occupation and interests.
  • Evaluate how digitally advanced this person might be.
  • Each group will present their persona and discuss their choices.