Group Activities

Please select the incorrect answer and discuss:

  • As the population of the world increases, there is no need for the young people to rely on the elderly.
  • Intergenerational learning is usually based on storytelling.
  • One can have a genuine sensation of intergenerational connectedness by co-creating digital narratives.
  • Stories excite the listener’s emotions and makes them feel connected to both the narrative and the speaker.

Digital Storytelling: Creative Six Part  Story Making (6PSM)

(Dent-Brown, K., 2011. Six-Part Storymaking as a tool for CAT practitioners. Reformulation, Summer, pp.34-36)

Divide the learners in pairs, then each pair will share a google document where they will take turns in answering the following points, to create a story. At the end, each pair presents their story:

1.Shape the main character of the story.

2.Describe the main mission that the character must carry.

3.Name the helpful force of the story (person, thing, or place).

4.Name the hindering force of the story (person, thing, or place).

5.Describe how the main character copes with the obstacles he/she meets –the action of the story.

6.Shape the end of the story.