Group Activities

Create your own intergenerational project!

Brainstorming: divide the learners into 2 – 3 groups and ask them to create their own intergenerational project. Remind them to use knowledge from the previous modules.

What to consider:

  • What is the aim?
  • Who do I want to involve?
  • What activities do I want participants to do?
  • Place
  • Budget
  • Evaluation
  • Any challenges?

Role play

  • Assign roles to learners – They can belong in any generation or age group (ideally different than their own)
  • Divide them into pairs that consist of different age groups.
  • Learning time – Spend 2-3 minutes talking and learning about that generation.
  • Speed date – Discuss with your pair a topic of your choice (technology, education, environment, traveling, food etc).
  • Switch pairs – Have the learners switch in order to discuss with people from all generations.