Topic 1 Digital adaptations of intergenerational storytelling methodologies

  • In fact, digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production, that everyone can use in order to share experiences and stories, in a way that shapes meaning.
  • In addition, digital storytelling can be an effective way to develop communication and media skills, it can help people connect with their deep meanings and cultures, and it can be a lot of fun (Botturi et al., 2014). Digital storytelling has also been used for health related reasons and its positive effects are thoroughly reported (Stargatt, 2022).
  • Namely, a study from Greece proposes the rich affective, cognitive and social benefits to both young people and elders of using a new media tool, Milia, which supports online community to creative narratives regarding the jobs of the past (Meimaris 2017).
  • However, most older people lack the confidence and the competences to use technology. Some of them lack even the interest to engage with technology.
  • Having said that, it is important to encourage older people to explore the different digital programs and products available, as for many services there is no other choice, rather than online access. Through these apps elder people will have the opportunity to gain many social benefits, like regular contact with family and friends no matter where they are.
  • Moreover, these technologies could offer a new medium from which storytelling could be unravelled. The development of a digital storytelling creation could offer a setting in which the digital competences of elderly people are stimulated in a playfully way, and, through the excitement for production with digital media, a meaningful experience of family connectedness can be carried out (Botturi et al. 2014).

This video capture the discussion between two people with a gap of 57 years, reflecting on life and growing up. The aim was to see if people from opposing stages of their lives could learn from each other.

Moments from an activity hosted by Iasis of Vasie Erasmus+ program from 2015 to 2017, which promoted solidarity ageing, by cultivating digital skills.