Topic 1 Set aims and objectives

In order to plan and execute a successful intergenerational learning activity there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

The first thing to consider and decide upon are the aims of the project.

Ask yourself:

-What needs to be achieved by the end of the project?

-What do I want the learners to gain from this experience?

-What is the long-term impact and purpose of the project?


Objectives refer to the way these aims are going to be achieved.

A good way to identify your objectives is to follow the SMART objectives (Ogbeiwi, 6):

Specific = Who and what?

Measurable= How much change is expected?

Attainable = Can this objective be achieved?

Realistic = Does this objective address the scope of the problem?

Time-bound/Timely = How long should the project be? What’s the timeframe?