Topic 1 What is multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is an objective and descriptive concept of a society in which different cultures are present. We can observe that our country is multicultural as different cultural groups coexist in the same territory and preserve their culture by creating associations, opening businesses or places of worship in the neighbourhoods where they live. (Accem, 2021)

Multiculturalism is a movement that orients immigration policies that promote the cultural development of the ethnic groups present in a territory. It has an anti-assimilationist character, alluding to the right to difference, equal opportunities and equal treatment.

Types of multiculturalism

According to (buscador, n.d.) two types can be considered:

  1. Factual multiculturalism: it is the one that recognises the existence of diverse cultures in a territory, but does not regulate it.
  2. Normative multiculturalism: this is the one that deals with the rules that regulate the relationship between different cultures (functions, rights and obligations).

– The characteristics of multiculturalism are (Raffino, 2021):

-The inclusion of ethnic and minority groups.

-Peaceful coexistence.

-A broad, fair and tolerant social model.