Topic 2 Digital lessons content included with Canva, Youtube

We are all visual learners. We all have different learning styles, but a picture is worth a thousand words to us all. And that’s why Canva is a fantastic tool for learning. Educators can use it to present material to students in a visual manner, and students can use it to “articulate” new concepts in a clear and intuitive way.

One of the best things about Canva is that it allows us to take visual learning to a new level: Students and teachers can become “design thinkers,” meaning we can become skilled at imagining and creating solutions to problems rather than identifying existing ones. Learning and teaching happen as we envision, create, share, and revise. All we need are the right tools for the job.


‘You can transform the world when you approach it with the goal of imagining and creating solutions,’ write the creators of Design Thinking for Educators.

10 ways to use Canva in your classroom:

1.Practice Design Thinking

2.Design Your Own Lesson Plan

3.Discover Other Educators’ Lesson Plans

4.Help Students Create Learning Portfolios

5.Create Presentations and Videos

6.Build a Brand For Your Classroom

7.Ask Students to Create Learning Plans

8.Make Group Projects More Appealing

9.Quantify Information With Charts and Graphs

10.Create Worksheets and Exercises

Get Creative with Canva for Teachers