Topic 2 Select activities

Having set the goals and objectives of an intergenerational project, the next thing to think about is the activities that you are going to include.

Activities may vary depending on the participants’ age and energy level therefore it is important to take into account the dynamics of the group, their interests, and their abilities. Keep in mind that everyone should be able to respond to the activities prepared.

Since intergenerational projects involve senior participants, the activities proposed must be tailored to their physical and mental capabilities.


Here are some questions to consider:

  • What type of energy levels will you be working with?
  • Will participants be interested in a more passive or active role?
  • How skilled will participants be at completing the task?


Your aim, while you are developing the activities, is to make sure that:

  • Everyone will enjoy them
  • The tasks provide meaning for everyone
  • The activities generate and maintain self-esteem
  • A friendly environment is created
  • Quality of life is enhanced