Topic 2 Usage of assessment tools: Quizalize, Google Forms, LimeSurvey

Online classes and remote and hybrid learning options become the new normal for many educators. As a result, teachers have adjusted various aspects of their schedule, techniques, and tools to ensure their students stay engaged and successful in and out of the classroom. Through formative assessment, teachers check student understanding, get valuable data on student learning, and then use that data to modify instruction. When teachers know what students know (or don’t know), they can adjust to meet students right at their level.

Digital assessment systems guide students through each exam, track their progress in real-time and provide access to any assistive tools they may need to complete their work.

Here are some tools, which help teachers and students make learning process and assessment more interesting, useful and innovative:

Quizalize. Fun gamified quizzes. Get instant data and help students grow with personalized teaching – get started in minutes.

Google Forms. Easily create and share online forms and surveys and analyse responses in real time. Simple process of creating an online form, just like creating a document. Analysis of responses using automated summaries.

LimeSurvey. The simple, quick and anonymous online survey tool that’s bursting with juicy insights. Calling students, professionals and enterprises: design a survey and get the best insights, it’s free and as easy as squeezing a lime.

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