Topic 4 Positive Outcomes of Intergenerational Learning for the Younger Generation

The younger generation  can learn a great deal from older generations and can gain  a variety of knowledge and skills. Acquiring social skills, emotional growth, obtaining a greater sense of self-worth and self-respect are just some of the positive outcomes the younger generation can gain.  It is also proven that  persons from the younger generations that are involved with intergenerational learning  show  increased feelings of social responsibility as well as optimism, developed empathy, and have a higher degree of creativity, initiative, patience, and openness. Intergenerational learning reduces negative stereotypes associated with younger generations thus helping to create a wider understanding. When younger generations communicate with older generations often the younger generation gains perspective of the past including historical events, cultures and traditions. Additionally, younger generations involved in intergenerational learning  are more likely to give back to their community and become less self focused. While both generations can learn a great deal from intergenerational learning one of the most significant and positive outcomes for both are the  bridging the gap  and relationship distances  which in turn teaches better communication, connection  and  prevents negative stereotypes such as Ageism.